Brit Wylie

Engineer in search of adventure


Early career engineer with an interest in clean energy, robotics, and aerospace applications.

California Institute of Technology
B.S. Mechanical Engineering,
Aerospace Minor '23

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Chalk it Up!

Status: Prototype

Teammates: Galilea von Ruden

Skills: CAD, soldering, drilling and mounting brackets, wiring, programming a 2d motion system


Every year, MIT runs a hardware hackathon. I participated in 2018, and in 2020 a friend and I decided to apply for their virtual competition. In 24 hours, we made a concept pitch and presentation for our project, a chalk CNC. We won $500 to develop our prototype in two weeks.

This project was inspired by seeing chalk drawings around LA used to build a sense of connection and togetherness during the isolation of the pandemic.

Our work is showcased in the video linked below:

A Chalk-Art Drawing Robot

Written on January 15, 2021